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Luxury Trains of Rajasthan

Luxury Trains of RajasthanLuxury Rajasthan Travel by Train conjures up images of Palace on Wheels, Fairy Queen and Royal Orient. Experience the extravagant elegance of luxury train travel on some of the most luxurious trains in the world. The beautifully restored trains combine the opulence of pre-war travel with subtle modern innovations. Travel with Luxury Rajasthan Travel into a timeless world of elegance, grace and romance where sunning scenery, majestic forts, beautiful palaces and sand dunes of the desert will stir your imagination and luxurious comfort will rejuvenate you body and mind.

Luxury Rajasthan Travel, contains within its ambit a whole pantheon of sights and sceneries of the order of palaces and forts which are perfectly emblematic of the rich cultural and historical ambience of a true blue Rajasthan, located in North India. A visit to Luxury Rajasthan Travel, offers travel tours to the luxury and special trains, which provide the tourist with a golden opportunity to unravel the mystique and hidden charm, royalty and panache of India's crowning glory, Rajasthan, North India.

A travel tour to Rajasthan, located in North India, would showcase that special trains were being constructed and later commissioned in India in the nineteenth century but they were meant for the royal personages and the czars of the British Raj, with the middle class Indians and the commoners being left out of the fray. The trains are a perfect way to go back in time to experience the charming indolence and the rich historicity of Rajasthan, located in North India. Today, a tourist need not be a Raja or a Viceroy to be able to partake of the joys of these classy trains of the order of Palace on Wheels or the fairy Queen.

Luxury Rajasthan Travel, is home to travel tour booking and offers of travel packages to the luxury trains, being run in Rajasthan, North India.

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